We will not be having a litter until early 2022 at best. I decided not to continue with the dam I had been using, and so need to wait for a new one to grow up.

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I know Puddleduckdoodles at 

http://www.puddleduckdoodles.com/is planning 2 litters around the end of the year that are not currently spoken for – as of early September.



Souls’ Ease Goldendoodles is a GANA Blue Ribbon breeder located in Upstate SC.  We are a relatively new and small breeder, and so do not have the extensive wait list that many established breeders have. 

We only breed one litter at a time, in our home. The puppies have a two year health warranty and are $3000., as of July, 2020.

Souls’ Ease Goldendoodles is known for raising wonderful puppies to become cherished family members. My goal is to enrich people’s lives with a happy, confident, loving and healthy puppy. I work very hard at providing age-appropriate challenges to develop your puppy’s physical and emotional well-being.

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have to help you find the best puppy for your family. SoulsEaseGoldendoodles@gmail.com is the fastest method to get in contact with me.

If you would care for updates on this or future litters, please Like my Facebook page. I have tons of puppy pictures and videos there. In between litters, I post informative or amusing tidbits for dog lovers.