About Us

Souls’ Ease Goldendoodles is a long-anticipated retirement venture for me. I worked as an engineer, manager and consultant for 30 years before returning to my beloved Upstate SC to raise puppies and flowers.  I have always adored puppies and think that being in the middle of a pile of them is heaven.

I first became acquainted with the Goldendoodle breed while volunteering with SC Dogs, an Upstate therapy dog group. Another member, Lynne Whitmire, owns Fountain Falls Goldendoodles and frequently brought her dogs on visits to nursing homes, schools and hospice. I distinctly remember asking her “So what’s a Goldendoodle, anyway?”

Fast forward a few years and I have my own Goldendoodle Daenerys who whelped her first litter in September 2017, second on April 12, 2018  and  a  singleton in November 2018. Her 2019 litter is due shortly after Labor Day.

Our dogs are multi-generational, not F1s or any such designation. Multi-generational means the dogs are generations past the original poodle-retriever cross. By careful selection of breeding stock, shedding is no longer an issue and the dogs are considered allergy-friendly.

A Goldendoodle with curly, long hair can be a maintenance nightmare due to severe matting. Many owners of the curlier dogs choose to keep their coats short, rather than face a daily battle of combing out tangles before they turn into mats.

I love the teddy bear look of the Goldendoodles, especially the face. I intentionally chose Daenerys, who does not carry for any curl. and so has a straight coat. The straight coats require minimal maintenance. Her puppies will at most have 1 gene for curl and therefore have wavy fur or her straight coat.

As you can see below, a Goldendoodle Cream coat is expressed in a range of colors from reddish to almost white. Their coats do tend to lighten with time, so a red puppy will likely become an apricot adult.

final 4 lineup

Additionally, tsome of the puppies may have what is known as white Chrome markings. The range of red, golds, cream and white can be quite striking.

The Zackster, my first and heart dog, now across the Bridge.

the Zackster