Adoption Contract

Contract for Buying a Souls’ Ease Goldendoodle LLC Puppy

 Conditions of Sale

Seller guarantees that at the time of delivery, the dog has been checked by a licensed Vet and is in good health. Should dog be found to be in poor health of a serious nature that is diagnosed as permanently life altering by a veterinarian, Seller will provide Buyer a full refund of the purchase price of dog only after dog is returned to Seller at Buyer’s expense.

Souls’ Ease Goldendoodle puppies are sold as pets only with no breeding privileges.  Any dog not spayed or neutered will cancel health guarantee.  Any unauthorized breeding will result in confiscation of the dog, any puppies and a $30,000 fine.  All legal proceedings will be held in Oconee County SC, and all court costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.

The Buyer has three (3) business days from the time of receipt of dog to have dog examined by a licensed veterinarian. Any request to return the dog to the Seller for a full refund must be made within this time period and may only be requested should the dog be found to have a health issue of such serious nature that the quality of life of the dog will be shortened or seriously altered. Your deposit will not be refunded.

The breeder has taken all reasonable care to ensure that all pups produced are as healthy as possible. Cancers, foreign body ingestion, behavioral issues, accidents, ear infections and UTIs are considered normal costs and risks of pet ownership. The purchaser is advised to discuss risk reduction strategies with their Veterinarian and to acquire private pet insurance for their dog. The  breeder offers no warranty or guarantee of any kind for non-genetic issues not specifically listed

Minor health ailments including, but not limited to, fleas, ticks, worms, or stress induced diarrhea due to the puppy’s transition from the Sellers home are not reason for dog to be returned to Seller. A puppy’s bite is also not covered as it changes over time as the dog grows.  We strongly urge you to carry health insurance on your puppy.

Proof of examination and diagnosis must be provided to Seller and Sellers vet, should Buyer wish to request returning dog for a refund. This must be done within three business days

We do not guarantee size, color, appearance, hypoallergenic quality, or non-shedding quality. This warranty does not cover bite, certain looks, coat type or temperament.

Warranty will be terminated immediately if dog is not examined within the allotted time.

A warranty against all serious life altering genetic disease is provided for two years after the date of sale. Should a genetic disease be discovered during this time that will greatly shorten the life of, or greatly alter the quality of life of dog, Seller will reimburse Buyer the veterinary costs up to the purchase price of the dog, if dog is kept by Buyer.

Two independent veterinary examinations and reviews must be provided to Seller documenting the genetic health issue. Reimbursement of veterinary fees is provided to Buyer once copies of the medical reports are received by Seller. Reports must state the treatments provided, and fees for the treatments. The Seller also reserves the right to obtain a 3rd opinion from her own vet. Both vets must agree that the problem is genetic.

Hip dysplasia is also covered up to two years of age. This warranty will be terminated should dog be allowed to become overweight resulting in overstressed joints at any point during the warranty period. Veterinary medical records will be required showing the weight of dog and veterinarian’s assessment of the weight. Should dog be found to have HD within its first year, Buyer must provide Seller with proof in the form of documentation from PennHIP.

Warranties shall apply only to original purchaser. Transfer of dog ownership shall void all such provisions of this agreement. Buyer agrees to contact Seller should it ever become necessary to re-home dog. Seller will rehome the dog or give approval to a new home of a qualified family as determined by the seller. Buyer agrees never to turn the dog over to an animal shelter, humane society, rescue organization, or puppy mill.

Upon execution of this contract all veterinary care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the buyer.


Buyer agrees to spay their pet puppy after 12 months for females, and after 18 months for males. Proof of spay/ neuter must be submitted to Souls’ Ease Goldendoodles.

Buyer agrees to maintain this dog in good health, provide routine preventative health care including, but not limited to, inoculations and internal and external parasite treatments for fleas, tick, heartworms and dental. Veterinary records must be provided to breeder if requesting refund or replacement.

If any of the above preventative care has not been provided, the health warranty will be void.

Buyer unders/tands that all puppies exhibit certain undesirable behaviors (nipping, chewing, barking, marking, etc). Buyer is responsible for /appropriate training of puppy to correctly teach acceptable behaviors, and is responsible for proper socialization of puppy. Should Buyer not be successful at training these behaviors on their own, Buyer agrees to seek professional help from a certified trainer should it become necessary.

Souls’ Ease Goldendoodles encourages buyer to consult them with questions of training or any other issues concerning health for the lifetime of the dog.

The breeder has the right, in the best interest of the health and well-being of the puppy, to terminate the purchase of a puppy at any time before a family takes possession of the puppy.  If this decision is made, all monies paid for said puppy, including the deposit, will be returned.

I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions listed in this contract.

BUYER’S signature and date:

SELLER’S signature and date:

Puppy ____________from RBGinsberg/Ginny x Rabiffano/Biffy, May 10 2020

Last revision 6/28/2020