Dani was bred in early July 2019 to Chipper Jones from Heaven On Earth Goldendoodles, a handsome 30 pound mini Goldendoodle. PUPPIES!!! are here and  ready to go home in early November. Only female pups are available; Dani only had 1 male and he is spoken for.

If you are interested in adopting a puppy, please see the Adoption Process page under Puppies. As of early September, we still have openings. Our puppy price is $2750.

Souls’ Ease Goldendoodles is a GANA Blue Ribbon breeder located in Upstate SC. Blue Ribbon level means that the parents are clear for common genetic issues and that we offer a 2 year health warranty. We are a new and small breeder and so do not have the extensive wait list that many more established breeders have. We only breed one litter at a time, in our home.

The puppies are whelped in my bedroom and then moved at 3 weeks to the living room to an ever expanding puppy pen. I delight in watching them grow and giving them appropriate developmental challenges. My friends, and friends of friends all love to come help out with puppy socialization.

gramma lovies 2

The pups are  generations removed from the original retriever-poodle cross so their characteristics have been well established. The mom lives with me, and the dad with a nearby GANA breeder. We can personally vouch that they do not shed.

Please see our Facebook page for photos and videos of these gorgeous puppies.

Email is the best way to reach me: SoulsEaseGoldendoodles@gmail.com,

or the Contact Us link on this website.

The GANA Website has an excellent resource page About the Breed which covers History, Coat Types and Colors, Generations and Sizes.