Logistics – Getting the Puppy Home

The arrangements for getting your new puppy to make the trip from Upstate SC to your home are very important. These are the different options:

  1. Preferred: You come to my kennel in Seneca, SC and take the puppy home with you. We have time to sit and cover any questions or last minute details, sign the Adoption and Health Guarantee paperwork, pack up your Going Home package, play with your puppy and observe it with siblings before leaving.
  2. For a fee, I will meet you inside a nearby airport. We sign the adoption papers, give you the Going Home package then you check the puppy in for your return flight using your airline approved pet carrier. You both fly home with the puppy under the seat in front of you. Fees for airport delivery are $50 for Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP), $200 for Charlotte (CLT) and $300 for Atlanta (ATL)
  3. We can arrange to deliver your pup for an additional fee of $1 per mile plus $150 driver fee.
  4. We will arrange a person to fly with your puppy anywhere in the USA for the charge of our airfare, an approved pet carrier, any pet fees plus $300.  You must meet us at the airport of your choice. 
  5. We do ship puppies using Delta Dash or United Airlines from GSP, CLT or ATL. Airport delivery fees are as stated above plus the cost of an airline approved crate which I can provide.

This can be a very stressful time for your puppy. I have links and reference documents to help you minimize the upset to your puppy (and you).