Souls’ Ease Daenerys and Fountainfalls Calhoun were just bred in February 2018.

Stay tuned for further developments!

The parents to be are both multigenerational Goldendoodles, several generations removed from the original golden-poodle cross. I adopted Dani at 8 weeks from Goldendoodle Acres.

Dani at a 42 pounds is at the lower range end of the range for medium sized. She is from English golden retriever lines, and so has a very stocky build. She does not carry for curly coat at all, so her pups with Calhoun will either have straight or wavy fur.  I intentionally chose her for this characteristic as I love the teddy bear look of goldendoodles.

Dani has a very sweet disposition and is something of a homebody. She is an attention hog who believes she deserves all the attention, all the time. She is always by my side and follows me around the house. She loves playing with baby puppies, even at 4 months she wanted in the exercise pen with another mom’s babies.

dani 8 months

Fountainfalls Calhoun is a leggy miniature, sized at 21 pounds. He loves everybody and everything, including the bunnies and cats where he lives. Fountainfalls Calhoun has amber eyes which are quite striking, and he has lovely puppies. I absolutely love his distinct “soul patch!”

calhoun at falls

We expect that the pups from this breeding will be in the miniature range of 26 to 35 pounds.

Dani and Calhoun​ each have a white chest blaze with some white on their back paws. Their pups should be some flavor of cream, to light gold to apricot. Some may have a red tint at first, but that fades to apricot with aging.

I would actually describe Dani as “blonde,” but that isn’t an official GANA color. Her first litter however had pups with a lot of blonde on their faces; they were striking.

20170826_145648 calhoun closeup